Training and event recordings archive

This page lists links for recording of training and events about open access and open scholarship in general.

Events organised by Oxford University are hosted online via Panopto.

All the event recordings included below are regularly assessed to ensure they are still up to date.

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Public Oxford University events and training

Date Event Title and link to recording Time
15/03/2023 OxFOS23 Climate research and open data at Oxford 00:55:27
15/03/2023 OxFOS23 The interplay between open scholarship and research integrity 00:56:36
14/03/2023 OxFOS23 Reviewer needed: The future of peer review in academic publishing 01:20:15
14/03/2023 OxFOS23 Publishing with Open Research Europe 01:02:54
13/03/2023 OxFOS23 The importance of being open: Publishing OA monographs 01:16:57
13/03/2023 OxFOS23 Humanities has data! What(ever) next!? 01:33:30
10/03/2023 OxFOS23 Data infrastructures - the big picture 00:52:46
09/03/2023 OxFOS23 Digital preservation for scholarly communications 00:50:53
09/03/2023 OxFOS23 Towards a national PID strategy 00:53:46
08/03/2023 OxFOS23 The future of copyright 01:34:07

Internal Oxford University events and training

Due to their internal permissions these recordings will require an Oxford SSO to access.

Date Event Title and link to recording Time
19/03/2024 iSkills Fundamentals of open access 01:00:47
10/03/2023 OxFOS23 DMPonline: Introduction and basics 00:55:44
17/03/2022 OxFOS22 Open research at Oxford: results of a survey into open practices  00:53:08
17/03/2022 OxFOS22 Open scholarship infrastructures and sustainability panel  01:16:30
16/03/2022 OxFOS22 Plan S rights retention strategy for open research 00:57:33
15/03/2022 OxFOS22 Is the future an open book? 01:54:06
11/03/2022 OxFOS22 Digital data sustainability: a one-year retrospective 00:47:17
09/03/2022 OxFOS22 Plan S, UKRI and Wellcome policies, and beyond 00:57:29
08/03/2022 OxFOS22 The Open Science Framework at Oxford 00:36:29
07/03/2023 OxFOS23 ORCIDs from scratch 00:22:08