The Royal Society – Open access policy and funds

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Current Policy

  • The Royal Society’s Research publication policy expects articles to be made Open Access via either the gold or green route, but does not provide funding for APCs:
  • ‘The Society is committed to the widest possible dissemination of research outputs through the awards it supports. All recipients of a Royal Society award are encouraged to publish peer-reviewed accepted articles and conference proceedings in open access journals. As a minimum, award holders are expected to follow green routes for open access by publishing in a journal which allows deposit of the accepted version in a repository providing free access with a maximum embargo of 12 months from the date of publication. The Society’s preference is for peer-reviewed publications to be freely accessible on publication to ensure the widest reach and maximum benefit to the scientific community.’
  • Open Access costs : ‘Please note that costs associated with open access publications cannot be requested. Royal Society Research Fellows submitting manuscripts to Royal Society journals will currently not need to pay article processing charges.’ (see ‘Other expenses’ in these Scheme Notes.)

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