Open Access Week 2018 at Oxford

This year’s International Open Access Week runs from 22-28 October and takes as its theme “designing equitable foundations for open knowledge.” Although we’re putting our main efforts into another ‘alternative’ Oxford OA Week in spring 2019, it didn’t feel right to opt out completely of October’s activity, particularly as we want to join in with #ThesisThursday on 25th to highlight reasons to make your doctoral thesis openly available online and celebrate our own repository’s role in this. Here is our programme:

Tuesday 23rd October 2018 at the Social Science Library:

11.30-12.30: Open Access Oxford – What’s happening? Our regular iSkills session on OA publishing, ‘Act on Acceptance’ at Oxford, how ORA makes Oxford research open access, funder mandates and the REF 2021 OA policy. Book here.

12.30-13.00: ORA Deposit drop-in. If you have an article to deposit and want help, bring it to our drop-in at the end of the session above.

Tuesday 23rd October at the Old Road Campus Research Building:

12.00-13.00: OA drop-in. Based ‘up the hill’ and need information or advice about anything related to open access? Come along to the atrium and ask our library specialists.

Wednesday 24th October at the Cairns Library:

14.00-15.00: OA drop-in. Based at the John Radcliffe Hospital and need information or advice about anything related to open access? Come along and ask our library specialists.

Thursday 25th October at the Radcliffe Science Library (tea/coffee will be available at the start):

10.00-11.00: Digital theses and open access. A celebration of e-theses for #ThesisThursday. Oxford’s open access repository, the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA), contains over 11,500 theses. Around 6,600 are available online full text, thanks to digitisation of past theses and deposits by recent doctoral students. Some of ORA’s top downloads are theses. Find out what they are, who’s using them and the benefits of putting your thesis online. (Clue: discoverability, preservation, citations, re-use.) A chance for Oxford DPhil students to meet members of the ORA team and find out about the practicalities and decisions. Who needs to deposit – what, when, how – how soon can it be made available, and what happens next. Book here.

11.00-12.00: Your thesis, copyright and ORA. Aimed at Oxford DPhil students, who are required to deposit a digital copy of their thesis in ORA as well as a printed copy in the Bodleian. Find out about the copyright and other issues you need to take into account when preparing your thesis for upload. Book here.

These sessions are open to current staff and students of the University. If you have any questions please email the OA Enquiry team on

Can’t make it to the ORA sessions? check out ORA’s Guide to depositing your thesis in ORA – who, when, what, how, and the options regarding embargoes