Act on Acceptance starts here

Academics and researchers: when you’ve had a paper accepted for publication, please Act on Acceptance – deposit the accepted manuscript (the final peer-reviewed version) into our repository ORA within 3 months of acceptance.

Journal articles and conference papers (in publications with an ISSN) accepted for publication from 1 April 2016 onwards must be deposited in order to be eligible for the next REF.

Please also create a record for all other publications.

Click the green button below to Deposit your Work

  • PDF guide to deposit is available here.
  • See our 2 minute video guide to deposit here.

The green button takes you to Symplectic Elements (Single Sign-On access). All academics and researchers should have an account automatically created, but if one hasn’t been set up for you, please fill in a Symplectic new user request form. If you have problems logging on, email the Symplectic team at

Not sure what ‘Act on Acceptance’ means? Find out more about REF 2021 open access policy.