FAQ – Symplectic Elements

    • Do I need to request a new Symplectic account?

      Academics and researchers have automatically had an account created on their behalf (using the Single Sign-On login).

      Those who are not given automatic Symplectic access (e.g. administrative staff, technical support staff, postgraduate research students, college-only researchers etc.) can now request accounts directly from the central Symplectic Helpdesk symplectic@admin.ox.ac.uk. For other help please visit the support pages on the Research Services Symplectic Elements website (https://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/researchsupport/awards/symplectic/) or contact your Departmental Symplectic administrator. For more information about Oxford’s approach to HEFCE’s OA policy, please see our REF page.

    • Can somebody else deposit on my behalf in Symplectic? Can I deposit for someone else?

      Yes, a delegate (e.g. PA) can be added to a Symplectic account using the steps below. In order to do this the intended delegate needs to have an account. If this is already in place then the researcher needs to:
      1. Log in to their Symplectic account at https://oxris.ox.ac.uk.
      2. In the top right of the screen (in the black header box) select Account Settings.
      3. In the second content box use the option to add a delegate to your account.
      4. Save.