FAQ – Publisher payment schemes

    • Springer Open Choice agreement (Springer Compact)

      March 2019: The University of Oxford has renewed its participation in the Springer Compact UK agreement for open access, for 2019-21, covering the payment of Article Processing Charges (APCs) for articles in Springer Open Choice (‘hybrid’) journals. This means that Oxford University authors can publish open access without charge in journals covered by the scheme, if they are the corresponding author and the article includes their Oxford affiliation. (You don’t have to be funded by RCUK or Wellcome/COAF in order to qualify.)

      Authors: when you have had an article accepted and are logged in to the My Publication system, please select your affiliation. This gives an option ‘Yes I want to publish open access’. Click ‘Continue’ in order to select this.

      Springer will contact the Bodleian Libraries APC team to verify your eligibility and to start the payment process.

    • Wiley open access agreement

      The University of Oxford has had an Open Access agreement with Wiley since January 2015 for the payment of Article Processing Charges (APCs) for papers acknowledging funding by UKRI/RCUK and COAF/Wellcome Trust.

      During the Wiley submission/acceptance process there is an approval step where Wiley send the request to us for authorisation.

      Authors: if you select University of Oxford (UKRI-funded only) or University of Oxford (COAF and Wellcome Trust-funded only) from the Funder/Institution list, you will be contacted by the Bodleian Libraries APC team about completing our APC application form.

      Once this is received by apc@bodleian.ox.ac.uk, the Wiley OA request will be approved online. Our Wiley Open Access Account deals with Article Processing Charges for both hybrid (subscription) and fully open access journals.

    • What about APC discounts for members of learned societies?

      If you are a member of a learned society you may be entitled to discount on Article Processing Charges.