FAQ – Am I Affected?

    • I am an unfunded researcher. Does open access apply to me?

      Yes. All Oxford authors should note Research England policy and ‘Act on Acceptance’: to be eligible for submission to REF 2021, the accepted manuscript of articles and conference papers submitted from 1 April 2016 must be uploaded to an institutional or subject repository within 3 months of acceptance, and made open access within a specified timeframe. For more details on the policy and how it is being implemented at Oxford, visit our REF page.

      The University’s 2018 Open Access policy (on the Open Access at Oxford page) asks authors to deposit all research outputs into ORA.

    • If you are a DPhil student who is funded by a research council and you publish work before submitting your thesis does it have to be OA?

      Yes. See the questions on DPhils and OA under the separate tab.

    • If someone is an AHRC-funded doctoral student but this is not tied to a specific piece of work, does this make all their publications RCUK-funded for the purposes of this exercise?